Heal yourself at home.

Heal yourself at home.

Polyclinic in the kitchen
With many problems to help manage the most common foods that have in every kitchen:
• A migraine attack can be removed if you put in the ear rag soaked beet juice or red onions.
• When radiculitis rub in the lower back horseradish juice, mixed in equal proportions with alcohol or vodka. After grinding for 30-60 minutes, wrap the waist warm woolen cloth.
• When fungus sore spots can be lubricated with a mixture of onion juice and honey in a 1: 1 ratio, two or three times a day.
• If you grow hair on the upper lip, try to cut the unripe fruit of the walnut and rub fresh juice in the upper lip.
• If you have a cold, will help ordinary potatoes: Boil the potatoes, wrap in a towel and put it on his chest and breathe steam.
• Facilitate the manifestation of skin allergies and hay fever may be taking on an empty stomach in the morning and evening for 1 tablespoon. spoon sunflower oil.
• If angina and other diseases of the throat need for the day little by little constantly to chew honeycomb.
• Hypertension is useful to drink fresh pomegranate juice daily, diluted with water.
• To quickly get rid of heartburn, it is often enough to eat 1 h. Spoon of sugar.

Natural healing courses, natural healing food

The medicine in the kitchen
Often on the kitchen shelf, you can find a cure, more effective than the pharmacy.
• If heartburn help if chewing soaked peas (5 pieces), oats or millet.
• When hiccups — a lump of sugar soaked in vinegar (or without it).
• Caries Prevention -yaichny powder from crushed shells added to food.
• The remedy for periodontal disease — is the salt and honey. The mixture should be rubbed into the gums. Good help and juice of plantain.

The medicine in the kitchen

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