Headache. Do not strain yourself!

Headache Treatment

The usual annoying pain is familiar to many.
Classical man appeal who has suddenly got a headache — ‘My head like a tight cover band. »

Doctors call it tension-type headache. The reason for it is simple — chronic stress. Another cause of this pain is a compulsory long-term non-physiological position. In short, after a few hours the same type of seat on a chair in front of a computer or standing work at the conveyor eye muscles, head and neck as a result of long-term psycho-emotional or physical impact overstrained. That’s when a headache.

Most immediately apparent for the tablet «tsitramona», which at the time to cope with the pain. But the frequent intake of analgesics, studies show that also contributes to chronic headaches and also «hits» on the liver.

What to do: Change the pose, do self-massage of the eyelids, scalp, neck and collar area. Perform simple exercises for the eyes (a variety of motion along a circle, spiral, eights, etc.) and for the neck, like — it also promotes better blood flow, the influx of fresh blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients and outflow of venous blood from the metabolic products of «stagnation» place.

Headache with fatigue and emotional stress also well removed from the mint tea, chamomile, motherwort and strong healthy sleep within the physiological norm — not less than 7-8 hours.
Moreover, if you have a chronic lack of sleep or severe stress, during sleep your body will repair itself and restore itself, so you should not neglect this affordable, friendly and effective medicine.


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