Hasten to quit smoking!

Hasten to quit smoking!

How to quit smoking on their own. Ways to quit smoking.

The council of physicians is addressed primarily to women.

First, even the smoking of 1 to 9 cigarettes a day significantly reduces the life, and secondly — and this is good news — if a woman quits smoking before 30 years, the fact that she had smoked before, virtually no effect on the expected duration of life: the body compensates for the harm from smoking by 97% (by the way, American cigarettes — the most dangerous!).
But the later the woman stops smoking, the less the body cope with the effects of tobacco. So, if you leave a cigarette for 40 years, the degree of compensation is 90%.

Hasten to quit smoking!

Maybe it is helpful for health simply reducing the number of cigarettes? The answer is no.

The risk of premature death in those who smoked 1-9 cigarettes a day, 2 times higher than non-smokers. The main causes of death Smokers — lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease.

For products that can help reduce cravings for a cigarette are: leafy beetroot and celery, green cocktail of leafy vegetables (. Cilantro, parsley, mint, spinach, etc.), oranges and lemons, peppers, milk, water (a glass of water significantly reduces desire to smoke), dark chocolate, herbal infusions (lemon balm, lemon grass, PASSION, etc.).
Avoid caffeine, alcohol and sugar, they increase the desire to return to cigarettes.

Hasten to quit smoking!


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