Harmful nazruzki in osteoarthritis

How to reduce stress on the joints in osteoarthritis?

— Do not gain weight.

If you are impressed by hip or knee, walking, use a cane or stick.
— If you need to kneel down, place a pillow under them.
— If it affects the joints of the big toe shoes carefully choose. It should be comfortable, soft, not pressing on the joints, but at the same time supporting them well.
Dull, aching pain in the joints can ease the heat. To do this, fill a plastic bottle with hot water (not boiling!), Wrap it with a towel to the bottle came a slight heat, and attach to the aching joint.

Get rid of the pain can help electrotherapy treatments and acupuncture.
The use of orthopedic insoles, knee pads, bandages corrects possible deformation of the affected joint, it helps to reduce pain and decrease the degree of progression of the degradation of articular cartilage. So as to reduce the load on the affected joint to use a cane (or stick) in the opposite hand.

Physiotherapy is justified, as it also promotes pain relief. To do this would be superfluous to the use of the surface cold, ultrasound effect on the diseased joint.
Thus, in the treatment of osteoarthritis should not forget about non-drug methods of impact on the affected joint, which could have the effect of not less effective.


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