gastrointestinal problems

Egg recipe

gastrointestinal problems

My husband after the army got a gastritis, which eventually developed into a duodenal ulcer. During the exacerbations of the disease, he felt very ill, but he refused to go to the doctors and drink tablets.

And then I convinced him to try a prescription, with the help of which my grandfather got rid of the ulcer.
He, however, had a stomach ulcer, but I do not think that this is of fundamental importance.
gastrointestinal problems
When my grandfather was treated, I was still small, but later my mother often told me about this and even prescribed the prescription to write, they say, you never know what will be useful in life. So that very moment came, I took out the prescription and prepared the medicine.

So, you need to fill a three-liter jar with natural undiluted cow’s milk, put six fresh chicken eggs there, cover the jar with gauze and put it on the windowsill.
Keep until the egg shell dissolves. Then, carefully remove the eggs, and stir the milk with the dissolved shell and drink half the glass half an hour before meals 3 times a day.
gastrointestinal problems
Even during this treatment, it is necessary to refuse fried, salty and spicy food, as well as from alcohol and tobacco.
After the husband drank the contents of the can, he immediately felt a noticeable improvement.

But a week later we repeated the treatment.
The pains passed, the complexion improved and the appetite appeared. But you had to literally force him to eat before.


gastrointestinal problems

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