gastric polyps

How do I get rid of stomach polyps

Several years ago, my friend in the stomach, doctors found polyps. It reassures that terrible nothing special, as it is benign, the kind that does not usually degenerates into cancer.

But no matter how benign they were, it was still anxious: you never know, there is in fact a stick and shoot, and the polyp to cancer can be reborn. So he decided to get rid of this problem. But then all sorts of laparoscopy and other operations were not sparing, and belly cut — so thank you!

Then I began to look for alternative methods of disposal.

For the preparation of the drug necessary to cook hard-boiled 7 eggs, yolks knead, mix with pulverized  in a mortar pumpkin seeds, then pour 2 cups of sunflower oil and keep it all for a couple of 20 minutes. This mixture should be taken in the morning on a teaspoon consecutive 5 days. Sometimes rolled  nausea, nausea was no way to get rid of. Stojko has suffered, she held nausea.
He made 5 days break and began to take back. The course had to be repeated 7 times, although polyps gradually began to leave after the second course. They were like the mushrooms, then just on the clots  of mucus and ichor, in a word, an unsightly spectacle.

But when it was over and the doctor confirmed that the polyp is found, very happy. And fear about cancer was.
Although he had already began to think that something needs to change in your lifestyle, it’s not just the same as it happened with him.






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