For vitality and health baths.

How to make skin smoother.

For vitality and health baths. Baths for cheerfulness and health.

Cleans, refreshes, strengthens, calms … For vitality and health baths.
Our skin is constantly covered with dust and even dirt. This «stern» millions of disease-causing bacteria live in our bodies. Specialists have found that 1 cm2 of skin about 40 thousand.

For vitality and health baths. 

Cleans, refreshes, strengthens, calms …
Our skin is constantly covered with dust and even dirt. This «stern» millions of disease-causing bacteria live in our bodies. Specialists have found that 1 cm2 of skin about 40 thousand.

So after the just of bathing them killed about 100 million! These numbers, perhaps enough to understand how important for our health baths. While bathing the pores open, the skin begins to fulfill its role as an active helper of the lungs and kidneys. In addition, any bath relaxes.

But depending on what we add to it, a bath can cleanse, refresh, strengthen, temper, calm down, recuperate, to smooth the skin, making a person more beautiful, and even treat rejuvenate.

Select the desired bath.

For vitality and health baths. 

You can choose any of the following proposed baths depending on their problems and ailments. Prefab extracts and herbal infusions, decoctions of fresh or dried herbs, added to the bath, relieve mental stress, improve metabolism, relaxes and simultaneously harden our body.

• Bath soothing.
Soothing bath take if you feel unwell, loss of strength. Carefully vymyvshis the shower, fill the bathtub with warm water, sprinkle in it 2 handfuls of salt, stir for 15 minutes and immersed in the resulting «pickle.» This bath soothes the nervous system, improves metabolism. Enough to take a bath 1 time per week, and a month later your condition has improved markedly.

• Bath, the restoring force.
It should be very warm (about 40 ° C) and short (maximum 3 minutes), as a longer bath has the opposite effect — relaxing!). In a bath filled, add 2 tbsp. tablespoons pine extract. And lying in the bath, do a solid enough hair brush foot massage (circular movements from the feet up). After bath massage the whole body (from the extremities toward the heart).

• Bath, gives energy.
If after a hard day’s work you are tired. And you need to look fresh. Feel good. Bath with pine extract with the addition of eucalyptus oil will give you courage.
The bath is filled with warm (37 ° C) water. They put 3 tbsp. l. spoons of pine extract. Add 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil.
A 15-minute rest is enough to improve your health.

• Bath, smoothing the skin.
It is recommended for «goose skin», and cornification of the epidermis. It is prepared with the addition of starch (0.5 kg of potato starch, or a thick broth of oatmeal) and 1 tbsp. tablespoons pine extract. After bathing it is recommended to rub in more moist skin nourishing cream or cosmetic milk.

For vitality and health baths.

I can only add that to cleanse oily skin fit the bath with a decoction of St. John’s wort, hops, black elderberry, nettle, lungwort, horsetail, sage and lime-tree. For dry skin -with the addition of wild rose, viburnum, mother and stepmother, wheatgrass.

Little time? Take a shower or steam bath!
But some of us for different reasons, mainly due to lack of time, take a shower instead of a bath. He also has a great hygienic and recreational value. Shower invigorates, soothes and relieves fatigue.

For vitality and health baths.

Perfectly cleanses the skin of the steam bath. Steam softens the stratum corneum. Opens the pores. Accelerates sweating. Removes deeply penetrated skin dirt.

To get a steam bath, any cleaning decoction of medicinal herbs (1 tablespoon) is suitable. Spoonful of chamomile or St. John’s wort in 1 liter of water). It should be brought to a boil. Cover your head with a towel. Face tilt over the container with broth. The duration of the bath is 10 minutes. Your skin is cleansed and steamed. After the bath, just pat your face with a dry towel. But do not wipe it. The steamed skin becomes soft and more elastic and can be damaged by pressing.

For vitality and health baths.

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