For immunity.

For immunity.

I want to share with readers a good proven recipe that strengthens immunity. Helps after the operation on the kidney. This is a high-calorie product, it is useful for strengthening your strength.
Take a glass of oats in the peel, rinse several times in cold water, pour 5 glasses of cold water, cook over low heat, evaporating to half the volume. Then strain and add to the broth as much milk, boil again, put 4 tablespoons of honey. Drink, pleasant to taste, drink warm 3 times a day for a glass before eating.

How to maintain immunity?

A significant part of medicinal plants is beneficial, harmonizing affects not only the functions of the immune system, but also the work of two other leading regulatory systems — the nervous and endocrine, which together with the immune system form the so-called «regulatory triangle».
A striking example of plants of this series is rhodiola rosea (golden root). It belongs to the number of plants-adaptogens and is represented in our pharmacies in the form of a rhodiola extract liquid, which can be used, for example, during the flu epidemic.

The recommended dose of 15 drops per tablespoon of water once a day, in the morning.
If you have high blood pressure, there is increased irritability, sleep is disturbed, then the dose of the drug is reduced to 5 drops. This allows you to maintain the immune system in a state of «alertness».


For immunity.


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