For fatties.

For fatties.

4 Traps for bbw
If you have tried several times to sit on diets, exercise for weight loss, but these attempts proved unsuccessful, our material is for you. The fact that many dieters from time to time suffer failure, falling into one of the standard traps. But if you learn how to avoid them, it turns out that to lose weight is possible. So, we offer you simple solutions to complex problems.

Again, failure!

Remember how many times you are sitting on a diet, frustrated after a tiny piece of chocolate? The logic is this: I have violated the diet, so sit on it further makes no sense. Under no circumstances do not allow yourself to think so! And remember, no matter how you tried to control myself, failures will still happen. But not
should immediately fall into despair: experiencing the failure and easy follow on.
And one more thing you need to understand and remember:
if you are inclined to corpulence, you control your diet from now on have always, but it is controlled and not to sit for life on a strict diet.

Stick to this rule: broke down with diet and eating something forbidden — arrange a extraordinary fasting day, then return to the chosen diet.

Believe that you will succeed. And to make it easier to try to buy food for snacks, in particular dried fruits and nuts in small packages — then you will
difficult children to eat more than one.

This complex «health food»!

The most common excuse for fat people: «I have no time to prepare a» healthy food «and the money for special foods. In addition, every day I have dinner in
Cafe on the job. »
But if you are really important to eat right, you find a way to secure a healthy meals.
Learn how to buy healthy food is not difficult. It is enough to read the labels carefully, paying attention to the amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. You have the kitchen should always be rice, buckwheat, canned beans and milk, and in the freezer for a lot of different frozen vegetables, meat, chicken and fish.
If we add to all bread with bran and olive oil — you have at your fingertips a healthy dinner.

Be sure to control yourself when lunch or dinner out. In any case, we should remember that it is not necessary to take, and a snack, and a main course, and dessert. Avoid drinking alcohol, even wine.

Let dry low calorie wine, and red also useful in small doses, after alcohol significantly increases the appetite and the food seems to taste better. Besides,
fat entering the body with alcohol, linger there for long.

Losing weight, but do not grow thin …

For the first time you diet to lose weight pretty quickly, and then the process slows down or even stops. The fact that the first body not only gets rid of fat, but also from water. In addition, usually all start losing weight with great enthusiasm, but then gradually lose interest and cease to strictly follow the plan.
In nutrition there is even a term «diet plateau,» where even the background diet the weight stops.
Do not worry about that you do not lose weight, it is better be glad that it is not getting fatter. Stability — is an achievement. And put realistic goals!

Craving for sweets

Most women, dieters, irresistibly drawn to chocolate and sweets. Moreover, even the thought of dieting can backfire:
once a person realizes that he can be deprived of something, then jumped on it is something with a vengeance. What to do in such a situation? First of all, respect their wishes and not to neglect them. Just try to control them.

Eat your favorite chocolate, but gradually. And try not to miss a meal, then the blood sugar level is stable and will not have the desire to eat the forbidden candy bar.

The main thing is never skip breakfast: it is a guarantee that by the middle of the day you will not break and do not devour chocolate.

For fatties.

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