Flower rescued from pain

Flower rescued from pain

Raffle somehow I have neuralgia, and it is because the thing is that the tablet does not always help. So when his wife suggested me to try an effective folk recipe, I just waved. I take painkillers
stronger than that at the time I advised the doctor. But an hour later the pain twisted me again, do not take the pill again — they do not go to far less dangerous than hurt.

And his wife again in his ear: «Let’s try, let’s try.» I agreed.

Two hours she conjured around me, and for good reason — the pain receded a long time. So it is not like a folk remedy tablet pain turned out better effect. Since then, more than once I have used this recipe, so that there is only them and rescues.

So I decided to share with people, and then suddenly someone just like me suffers and does not see the exit.
Memorize the recipe: take a few green leaves room geraniums, this flower grows in many. These leaves are put on the linen cloth, but be sure to linen as flax fiber — the main thing in this treatment.

Then pribintuyte to the patient leaves the place down, and the top still and warm scarf tie up. But that’s not all — about half an hour to change the leaves fresh. All you need to do 2-3 shifts. Usually enough 2 hours to get rid of the pain, if not permanently, then at the date exactly, and then you can repeat. In my experience, after the third procedure, the pain has not returned.


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