Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation in 50 years

Facial Rejuvenation + home

Some women think that in 50 years they have lived your whole life and to care for themselves is no longer needed. Fortunately, such a minority. Others simply realize that caring for themselves, for their skin, and in particular the person must move to a new, more qualitative level. It should be more careful about his body, especially during skin care.

Facial Rejuvenation in 50 years should start with the normalization of metabolism and replenish lost moisture in the skin. After scientists demonstrated that the aging process caused, first of all, the loss of moisture in the skin. Namely, the moisture needed for rejuvenation and good condition of the skin.

The main elements of reducing skin functions act as stress and environmental factors — a bad environment, dry indoor air, dust, wind, sun, cold … All this greatly reduces the process of skin regeneration after 50 years.

It is very important at this age (if you have not done before) to give up washing the skin with soap. Alternatively, choose a special skin cleanser appropriate for your type.

Facial Rejuvenation + home

The water which you wash should not be hard.

Very good help for facial rejuvenation, after 50 years and the following herbal infusion. Take plantain leaves, yarrow, sage, chamomile, linden flowers, horsetail and buckthorn bark and mix all the same parts. 2 tablespoons this herb mixture pour a glass of boiling water and leave for 30 minutes. Then we filter and freeze in the form of cubes. Such use ice to wipe face in the morning after cleansing.

Good effect on aging skin and mineral water. It can be rinsed after washing the face, but can also be during the day to spray the face, even over makeup.

To eliminate the stretching of the skin, wash should be on the massage lines — from the bottom up, and around the eyes — from the bottom — from the temples to the nose, and on top of the other way around — to the temples. After washing the skin is better not to wipe and allow to dry yourself.

For facial rejuvenation in 50 years, as well as 30 and 40 should be sufficient to use water and other liquids. Morning is best to start with a glass of cold water with lemon juice, and breakfast drink fruit juice. During the day, drink fresh juices, mineral water, green tea.

Do not forget about your diet. He is now, more than ever, must be complete and balanced. It must be present and carbohydrates, proteins and, in particular vitamins. A separate note on the consumption of vitamin C and vitamin E. This natural antioxidants that make the skin for longer lasting freshness and youth.

Facial Rejuvenation + home

To rejuvenate the skin in 50 years than ever before need a hydrating mask, it is best cooked at home.
As a supplement to do the mask, having a lifting effect. This mask of cucumber, and a mask of strawberries and strawberry. You can simply apply a paste of some of the product on your face and enjoy the stunning effect after 10 minutes.

Also consumption of vitamins in natural form, and should look to the pharmacy vitamin complexes, calculated it at your age.
As you can see, the rejuvenation of 50 years is not such a difficult task. The main thing to watch and care for a lifetime. And then you can say that life begins at 50!



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