eye muscle surgery adults

I have long been engaged in herbal medicine and I want to tell you how to cure a cataract patient of mine.
When 70 years old she became noticeably deteriorate eyesight, neither near nor far nothing
did not distinguish between, she found perednechashechnuyu cataracts (lens front). She became instilled 2-3 drops of sea buckthorn oil 2 times a day, after having dripped under the eyelid 2-3 drops of glycerin, to avoid burning. Such procedures performed patient 4.5 months, and cataracts resolved.
At my suggestion, she spent burrowing sea buckthorn oil to the full restoration of 6 months. After 3 months, she has significantly improved brightness and contrast vision. Now my patient sees very well, although it’s been 5 years. I just want to warn that sea buckthorn oil helps, if the cataract is in front of the lens, in the case of cataract zadnechashechnoy glaucoma and oil can be inefficient. And the oil should be pharmacy.

If the eye is blinded during an attack and the medical assistance was provided in time, the vision may be partially or fully recover. If the attack was delayed, and the aid is not provided in a timely manner, the eye can eventually cause blindness.
The fact that the optic nerve atrophy, which has pressure has no outflow of intraocular fluid.



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