Energy diet.


It is known that the most effective and fast diets are considered diets
with a predominance of proteins. However, most nutritionists do not like monotonous protein diet, rightly believing that the body should be charged with energy every day, and this requires carbohydrates to him.
And the main mistake people sitting on a strict protein diet, in that they depriving your body the main energy suppliers.

The important role of carbohydrates

To understand the role that carbohydrates perform in the body, it makes sense to understand the mechanism of digestion. After the meal the main types of carbohydrates converted to glucose. Glucose enters the blood and provides the necessary energy for the brain and central nervous system. Carbohydrates are essential in the daily diet to a protein required for the construction of tissue, do not waste as an energy source.
On the other hand, if a person uses carbohydrates more than the body can be converted to glucose, the resulting fat starts to form.
And this same fat is converted back into glucose as the body will need to expend more energy.
Thus, the body weight reduced. But do not think that a person with excess weight from the outside do not need carbohydrates. They are as much necessary for the health, as well as other nutrients, and if the body will not receive them, it may be a sad end.
At present, there are no official standards carbohydrate intake, we recommend a minimum
50 g per day, in order to avoid ketosis — a blood condition that can develop if used to produce energy primarily fat stores. As is known, the main sources of carbohydrates are bread and sugar. But for people with excess weight product made from wheat flour and sugar should be forgotten. Permission is granted to only rye or whole wheat bread. So is the carbohydrate diet should include a certain amount of bran, which are the best source of fiber. Due to the presence in the work of the intestine improves fiber diet, and hunger less you suffer. Offered carbohydrate diet will get rid of excess weight, without losing energy.

Carbohydrate diet. Menu.

• Breakfast: porridge of oatmeal:
evening pour 3 tablespoons. spoon of cereal with water (4 tbsp. Spoon), leave for the night,
add 4 tablespoons milk in the morning. spoon. You can add grated apple or yagody.svezhie.
• To the dinner: buckwheat porridge on the water 150 g fresh cabbage salad, apple juice — a glass.
• For dinner: 2 fresh tomatoes, 3 potatoes, a piece of black bread

• For breakfast: Bran — serving (. Glass of water pour 1 table spoon of bran), orange juice — 1 cup.
• To the dinner: millet gruel on the water (a portion), fresh vegetable salad, mineral water.
• For dinner: fruit salad of pears, apples, apricots, prunes, orange juice — 1 cup.

• For breakfast: oatmeal with honey dish, milk — 1 cup.
• To the dinner: 200 grams of boiled fish, 2 potatoes, grapefruit.
• For dinner: a portion of buckwheat porridge, black bread slice, lettuce, apple, a glass of apple juice.

• For breakfast: egg (boiled), whole wheat bread — 1 slice, milk — 200 ml.
• To the dinner: 250 grams of vegetable casserole of potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, tomato juice — 1 cup.
• To the dinner: the bran (portion), a piece of black bread, an apple and half a grapefruit.

• For breakfast: oatmeal with nuts and grated apple, apple juice.
• To the dinner: buckwheat (portion), a piece of black bread, a salad of fresh vegetables — 150 grams, tea — 1 cup.
• For dinner: Beef steak, a piece of black bread with caraway seeds, lettuce leaves (lemon juice), orange juice — 1 cup.

• For breakfast: buckwheat porridge (serving), milk — 200 ml.
• To the dinner: mashed potatoes (150 g), black bread slice, lettuce.
• For dinner: boiled fish (200 g), salad with vegetable oil from raw vegetables, grape juice — 200 ml.

• For breakfast: the bran (serving), bread with caraway piece, grape juice.
• To the dinner: braised (cooked) cabbage — 200 g of black bread slice, apple juice.
• For dinner: steak or lean steak, salad of radish, cabbage, green peppers, beets (season with lemon juice), a glass of apple (grape) juice.
Before going to bed: if unbearable to endure hunger, you can eat an apple (orange).

Energy diet.


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