diet to lose weight

«Healthy Water»

diet to lose weight
What water is best

I want to remind people that there is a very simple, safe and,
It is important in our time, free way to keep your body in an excellent state of health and shape. It lies in the way of melt water.

diet to lose weight

I regularly drink a kind of water since then, she learned from a friend of mine, then the candidate of medical sciences, the water that has outstanding, amazing properties, prolongs youth, slowing the aging process, relieves headaches, high blood pressure, and even obesity.

Over the years, I drink a kind of water, I’ve never doubted its usefulness, its excellent quality.

Prepare it easy pouring in ordinary cold tap water pan and put in the freezer. Just be aware that all sorts of harmful impurities in the water, freeze in the last turn, so the water starts to freeze on the wall of the pan to the center. Thus, not had time to freeze the water in the center of the pan should be drained and
if the water is still cold, note the whitish column in the center. It is desirable to break the directed stream of warm water, leaving the edges of the pan transparent ice, which is the raw material for the melt water.

I should add that before freezing, the water can be added to mineral water, such as «mineral water» or «seltzer», based on the preferences and medical indications.

Do not just go to the detriment of the production of melted snow water or ice outside, this water because of the pollution.
I advise you to try the melt water and feel all its healing properties.


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