Diet on the clock

Diet on the clock: how to lose weight without starving

fastest way to lose weight

Reach your ideal weight without starving? This is possible if you stick hronodiety, ie diet bounds. Tell me, what is the essence!

Weight Loss for the biorhythms

Tedious counting calories — a usual thing for those who are watching their weight. But it does not really make sense, experts say, chronobiology (in Greek «chronos» — «time»). Exploring the internal clock of the human body, they brought the so-called hronodietu or diet on the clock. Doctors based on the hypothesis that the production of digestive enzymes is subject to biorhythms. This means that there is a «right» time for each type of food. For example, the body in the morning, afternoon and evening in many ways sensitive to carbohydrates. Eat cookies at the wrong time, and the arrow on the scale will swing to the right!

How to eat in the hronodiete

Sitting on a diet by the hour, it is important to remember that the day is divided into 4 phases:

Phase 1: In the morning hours (from 6.00 to 9.00) actively produces enzymes that break down fats. Not bad to be digested in this time and protein products. On the table: an omelet, slice of bread with butter, toast with a slice of meat. Foods containing simple sugars, it is better not to abuse — they will lead to a jump in blood sugar, while the amount of insulin in the morning is still small and he did not
able to process all of this glucose into energy.

Phase 2: Following 13.00 produced in large quantities enzymes cleave protein foods. Moreover, at this time the blood flows enough insulin. So at lunch you need carbohydrates with proteins in the company — to give strength! It can be vegetable soups or pasta with lean meat.

Phase 3: At lunch you can afford something sweet! From 16.00 to 18.00 the maximum production of insulin. Fruit salad and a bit of chocolate — something that is necessary for the diet on the clock!

Phase 4: After 18.00 carbohydrate metabolism is slowing. This is due to the decreased activity of the pancreas, as well as the fact that the liver begins to slow down insulin metabolism. Reduces the production of digestive juices. Therefore dinner should be light — for example, fish, turkey, or in combination with a green salad.

Bear in mind, any diet including diet bounds is effective only when the accelerated metabolism.




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