Diet for gouty arthritis.

Diet for gouty arthritis.

People with gouty arthritis should stick to the diet in order to avoid attacks with gouty arthritis.

One of the elements that can adversely affect the health of the patient with gout, a salt, which must be limited to 5-8 g per day.
It is also forbidden to eat meat, broth of meat and fish, animal entrails, the young offspring animal meat, vegetables, such as beans and spinach.

On the occurrence of attacks can affect food containing sodium and purines.
Doctors are advised to minimize the intake of rich and bakery products.
It is strictly forbidden to take drinks containing alcohol and caffeine, as well as a strong tea and chocolate.

Following the recommendations of the doctors, it is necessary to excrete uric acid (urate) with copious drinking of alkaline mineral waters, juices and fruit drinks, and weak tea.
Despite the severity of diet, health care workers do not prohibit spending time in 7 days fasting days, in which you can receive a small amount of boiled meat and fish, low-fat dairy products (400 g of cheese and 500 g kefir), vegetables (1.5 kg), fruit (1 kg). Diet for gouty arthritis can help you avoid attacks, and you can lose weight.

On the eve of the unloading of the day doing a warm enema (chamomile, sage, or watch).
During discharge of the day only drinking water (1.5-2 liters per day). Evening in the discharge day again make a warm enema. The next day, after unloading the usual food, but vegetarian — no meat, fish, eggs.

So fast weekly, preferably in the same day of the week. The results will be visible in 2-3 months: joint pain gradually decreasing, feel better. In the first year of the weight can be reduced by 7-10 kg, in the second year — 5-7 kg. Subsequently, the weight is stable, gradually leave all manifestations of the disease. Unfortunately, only a few patients are sufficiently organized to regularly fasting days.

Diet for gouty arthritis.

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