Deforming arthritis.

Deforming arthritis.

Reasons deforming polyarthritis.
Just think of reasons why the disease is difficult enough. The problem is detected, usually in the second half of life. When the state of the organism influenced all adverse factors, both internal and external.

A significant role in the pathogenesis of deforming polyarthritis have the following negative aspects:

metabolic disorders of the joints;
natural wear and tear of the joints due to age or abnormal wear due to prolonged and intense stress, static deformation;
mechanical overload on the same joints;
malnutrition cartilage (due to impaired blood flow or degenerative changes in the joints themselves);
changes in the physicochemical properties, joint fluid amount;
intoxication and chronic infection, etc.
Deforming process takes many years. Therefore, suffer arthritis elderly, when all the adverse factors have a lasting impact.

It is deforming arthritis: pathogenesis.

At the heart of the problem — a violation trophism joints. The primary changes are detected in the cartilage:

cartilage loses its luster;
cartilage thins, completely disappears and exposes the bone in some places;
changes of cartilage structure; it becomes fibrous (a healthy person — hyaline).
Deforming poliartritDegeneratsiya necessarily accompanied by regenerative processes and in cartilage and bone (in their joint departments). Different in shape and volume, these processes lead to the formation of different patterns deforming polyarthritis.

The joint is destroyed, and the patient does not feel this, and continues to load it. Deformation due to evolving and growing. To wear the cartilage joins subluxation, stretching the joint capsule, etc.

The clinical picture of deforming polyarthritis.

For the disease characterized by growing symptoms:
minor pain, a crunch in joints, increasing over time;
embarrassment and stiffness in the affected joints (especially in the morning, after a long stay at rest);
gradually the pain becomes stronger and stiffness lasts longer;
progressive decrease of freedom of movement and the health of the joints;
periods of exacerbation due to changes in the weather;
with the development of regenerative processes of the joint loses its normal shape, there are ledges and protrusions;
infringement of articular protrusion provokes the strongest acute pain (it disappears when the joint reposition).
When there was a static deformation, and the shape of the articular surface has changed, you experience the following symptoms:

forced an unnatural position of the limbs;
subluxation and contractures;
limited mobility;
atrophy of the skin over the affected joint, thinning of the skin, excessive dryness (in severe cases);
decrease in functionality of sweat and sebaceous glands (in the field of defeat);
mild anemia.
Diagnosis is based on X-ray, deformed joints, blood changes and ROE.

Treatment of deforming polyarthritis
Folk remedies. Here are some recipes:

1) Finely chop two sheets of ficus and pour 300 ml of liquid ammonia (ammonia) alcohol, wrap the bowl with black paper and let stand 7 days in a cool place. Rub the sore spots in the morning and evening.
2) Mix honey with half a kilo of the same amount of juice of celery root. Accepted three times a day on a tablespoon of half an hour before a meal. Keep refrigerated. The course — a month. During treatment every day should eat two or three apples, and five or six walnuts. The objective of therapeutic interventions — to stop the progression.

3) The juice of the roots of celery — 500 ml Honey Bee — 500 g All the mix in an enamel bowl with a wooden spoon, to shift into a quart jar, keep in the refrigerator. Take 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day 30 min before meal for 1 month. If necessary, repeat in a month.
In addition, the daily eat 5-6, 2-3 walnuts and apple.
4) Contribute to the resorption of salt in the affected joints compresses with a diuretic or old urine (alternate).

5) On the aching joints are advised to apply the clay, cooked in urine (hot). Clay, cooked in the urine, it is better remove poisons.
From above impose a cloth or waxed paper, wrapped in cloth and secured.

6) In a special way cooked potatoes helps to cure a deforming polyarthritis. It is necessary to boil long brown
potatoes, then mash with it, without draining the broth, and during the day to eat the watery gruel.
Another option is the use of potatoes for rheumatism and arthritis, it has long been used Gypsies. In the morning on an empty stomach to eat one raw potato. Then — 1-2 potatoes, cooked in their skins, without salt.
During the day, carry with them one raw potato. If a person is seriously ill, it becomes black inside and takes over the disease. Potatoes need to dig into the ground so that no one accidentally bumped into her.


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