chronic insomnia

Get out of insomnia

chronic insomnia

What do we know about insomnia? Perhaps not very much. Exactly until this problem touches us.
It was also with me. But now I have very well studied the problem of insomnia in the elderly and is ready to share my knowledge …
According to experts on sleep and gerontology, it is extremely rare to find older people who really need to take sleeping pills.

Older people have exaggerated ideas about what should be a dream, and spend too much time in bed, trying to sleep,
Or use sleep as a means of boredom.

The causes of insomnia, which can be treated without using drugs, are:

— Daytime sleep or overly early bedtime;
— the wrong idea of how much you should sleep every night. If you do not feel tired during the day, then you have slept enough the night before;
— lighting and noise. A quieter and darker room can promote a sound sleep;
— consumption of chocolate, coffee or tea or soft drinks less than 8 hours before going to bed;
— lack of ritual before going to bed. A warm bath, a pleasant book, a light, fresh food, a lack of work immediately before going to bed or in bed contributes to a sound sleep.

Elderly people need to know about medications that can cause insomnia: caffeine, many anesthetics, phenylpropanolamine, contact, sudaphed, theophylline, aminophylline, euphyllin, amphetamine, phenamine, siccocarcotisone, hydrocortisone, thyroid medications, L-thyroxine , Mercosalyl. Insomnia can be caused by negative effects when taking sleeping pills, tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Elderly people should not use barbiturates (phenobarbital) in
As hypnotics, as well as meprobamate, hydroxyzine, atarax,
Chloral hydrate.
If you have a sleep disorder and you are using one of these drugs
Or if the problem occurred when you started taking another
Drug, then inform the doctor about it. To improve the process of falling asleep, you can change the drug or reduce the dose. Returning to sleeping pills, which have already created a negative effect, will lead you into a vicious circle.
If the cause of sleep disorders is depression, then you need to treat
It is depression, and not just consider it as an indication for the prescription of hypnotics. If the cause is a disease accompanied by a pain syndrome, then one must treat the pain syndrome, and not try to sleep with the help of hypnotics.

Safety rules for taking sleeping pills:
— Ask your doctor not to prescribe you medicine for several weeks, limit for the first time one week of admission. Since y
You will only be one week, then the development of addiction is unlikely.
— at the end of each day, evaluate yourself or with the help of other people what you did during the day to find the causes of insomnia. This includes assessing what you have done to eliminate external and
Internal causes of insomnia.
— when taking sleeping pills, do not drive and
Do not work with dangerous machinery.
— Do not drink alcohol. Overdose of sleeping pills in combination
With alcohol can be even fatal.
— before taking the medicine, make sure that the doctor knows about all the others
The drugs you take that depress the central nervous system, such as antidepressants, narcotic analgesics, antipsychotic and hypnotics, antihistamines and antiepileptic drugs. Taking a sleeping pill together with other drugs that have a sedative effect, dangerously increases the risk of side effects.
And it is better than any tablets to return a dream folk remedies.

I propose several simple recipes that promote a good sleep:
— Honey with tea has a calming effect on the body, it is good to take before bed.
— In case of insomnia 2-3 hours of honey spoon dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water, take before bedtime. Well dissolve the honey in a glass of warm or goat’s milk, you can cow.
— 100 g fresh raspberries (or 2 tablespoons dried berries or raspberry
Jam) is dissolved in a glass of boiled water, after 1 minute of infusion, add 2 teaspoons of honey. All contents are taken before bedtime.
— During dinner, eat more onions.
— Before bedtime, lubricate with lavender oil whiskey, plus 3-5 drops per piece of sugar — suck before bed.
— With senile insomnia take 1 teaspoon of crushed dry peony roots, pour 100 ml of alcohol, infuse for 10 days, strain and drink 20 drops at night.
— Powder from hop cones to take at night as a soothing and hypnotic for 1 g at the tip of the knife.



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