Charging for breast

Charging for breast

In recent years, it is experiencing a real boom in cosmetic medicine, especially popular for breast lift surgery. After all, with age a woman’s breast, which consists of glandular, muscular and adipose tissue loses its elasticity and droops, and many women it is breast perceived as a symbol of feminine grace and attractiveness. But to return to its former beauty and elasticity of the breast as possible and without surgery, substantial assistance will then gymnastic exercises. Performing a special set of exercises every day, and you can enhance and lift the chest, making it firmer and more voluminous.

Thus, a set of exercises to increase the breast:

• First, a warm-up: 5 minutes vigorously to move to the music.

• Stand up against the wall, pinning her back.
Connect the palms in front of chest. Pressing them against each other rhythmically tense and relax the muscles of the chest for 10 seconds, counting from 1 to 10. After that, a little move his hands away from yourself and count to 10 again, the chest muscles have to strain as much as possible. Move your palms forward as long as can keep them together. Then shake hands, to relax them, and repeat 2 more times.

• Stand in the doorway.
Uprites back in the same rack jamb and hands — in the opposite stance. Within a minute, put pressure on her hands as if trying to move the wall. Then bend a little and push to the school for a minute — at an inclination of pressure on the chest increases.

• Stand in front of a wall and press down on it with his hands, placing them at chest level. Stand should be straight, not leaning forward, palms do not pull together — in this position work the chest muscles, not your back. Exercise should be carried out 3 times for 2 minutes.

• Pick up a dumbbell and simulates the movement of the skier as if repels two sticks simultaneously. From the hips slowly lift outstretched arms with dumbbells up to chest level, secure this position for a few seconds, and then just slowly lower your hands down. Keep your back straight. 6 Perform such movements, and then repeat the cycle 2 more times.

• Perform pushups.
We need to try to do at least 20 push-ups in one go, and the number of approaches to increase gradually.
• Slide the chair seat tightly to the wall and stand back to him. Uprites in his chair, his arms and legs push forward at an angle of 30-45 °. Bending the arms, lower your body down and return to its original position. Perform 3 sets of 8 times.

• The last activity is to stretch the muscles. Lie on the floor, dilute the direct hand in hand. Bent knees, tilt to one side, and a head — to another. Fix this position, and then do stretching in the other direction.

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