Cellulite — is a disease?

7 Myths about cellulite.

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People learned about cellulite in the 70s of the last century of American magazine for women, «Vogue», which has decided to use this purely medical term to describe the phenomenon of cosmetic «orange peel». And since then grown into a cellulite problem almost number one for most women, both full and very thin … But our ancestors is considered erotic and called simply «dimples on the priest.» So why are women so eager to get rid of that just talks about their sexuality?
What is so «zapudrili our brains» sellers of all kinds of means of cellulite, promising instant relief from it?
Let’s try to figure it out.

1. Cellulite — is a disease?

Cellulite — no disease, while the secondary sex characteristics. Doctors have identified a relationship between cellulite and estrogen hormone, the amount of which increases in the female body with puberty.

! Get rid of cellulite thin layer of cells between the adipose tissue and skin permanently impossible.

These cells are given to us from birth. Small cellulite — the norm for women. Just do not let him progress, but the reasons for this may be quite different: the uncontrolled hormonal contraceptive drugs, love of beer and lying on the couch, and, oddly enough, a commitment to all kinds of trendy diets.
Despite the fact that the suffix ‘IT’ in the word cellulite is an inflammation (such as: sinusitis, colitis, etc.), in the case of the «orange peel» about any inflammation of the question, but because medicine comes up with new, more appropriate terms: liposkleroz localized hydrolipodystrophy, though, these names are not yet thinking to take root …

2. Obesity and cellulite — it’s the same thing.

These are different things! This can happen even when you sit on any diet because it can cause hormonal background or water-salt metabolism in the body of the woman, which often leads to cellulite.

3. Cellulite only occurs in women «aged».

This is not true: age does not play a role here, cellulite can occur in adolescents and can «wake» and before retirement.

4. cellulite can be overcome by using gels and creams.

It’s a delusion. Such cosmetics has a supporting effect and tightens the skin and gives it a certain elasticity of the surface like the Waist tights. On the cellulite cells «anti-cellulite» cosmetics has virtually no impact.

! Some products offered by cellulite can temporarily mask the fat deposits on the body by strengthening the other layers of the skin, but the only effective treatment for cellulite can only be a balanced diet and exercise.

5. Cellulite can be defeated only through massage and exercise equipment

Alas, this is not true. The effect of them, unfortunately, can sometimes turn out quite the reverse. Body fat may be reduced and you will even be able to lose weight and tighten the dress on a size or two smaller.
But the effect is very short-term, stop the development of cellulite will still fail, as the massage is able to facilitate the elimination of toxins that accumulate in cellulite cells themselves, but if you follow a proper diet, drinking water and treatment and active lifestyle.

6. From cellulite to help anti cellulite pantyhose.

They can help as a means of prevention at an early stage, but if the cellulitis «went away», they are absolutely useless. Besides tights are different: with the support and with sculpting effect. First, in a special way by distributing pressure on the leg, to help the prevention of cellulite. But the latter, as well as lingerie with sculpting effect, every day wear is not recommended in order to avoid violation of lymph and blood circulation, which may in the future even lead to the formation of fat cells around the fibrous tissue.

7. Liposuction solve the problem.

It’s a delusion. In fact, this complex operation helps get rid of excess fat and not cellulite. So much suffering! And for what? There is something to think about …

Cellulite - is a disease

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