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burns. Egg ointment for burns. On the healing properties of chicken eggs has long been known. But not many people know that they are useful not only inside, but also as a means for external use. I happened (далее…)



Whitlow. Small wound — big impact. The literal translation of the Latin term panaricium — whitlow. This term currently denotes acute purulent inflammation of the finger tissues. At the finger with edema, (далее…)

What is hpv.

What is hpv.HOW TO GET RID OF papillae?What is a papilloma?What is hpv. Papilloma — a benign skin lesions, which looks as a small build-up, which has a different color — solid, yellowish or brown, in people, these skin formations often called hanging warts or warts on the leg. What is hpv.Papillomavirus are very common, almost every tenth person they there is on the face and neck, the hands, the soles, in the natural folds — armpits, groin, under the breasts.