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Wound healing.

Wound healing. Calm the grass.Calm-grass — so called in the people all the plants that remove and relieve the pain with bruises. About these herbs, or rather about the recipes with them, I and I want to tell you.

Health Tips.

Health Tips.The recipe for old age.Old age is a weakness. So my neighbor likes to talk. He is not yet 70 years old. But he is still lying or he is sitting on a bench. “No,” he says, “I have no strength, my heart hurts, my legs ache, the pressure is high.” But how can he not hurt, the heart too. If there is no work for him. Yes, and his legs can not do anything.Of course, the force with age becomes less and less. However, this is not a reason to give up and wait for death.

Diet with rheumatism.

Diet with rheumatism.

Diet with rheumatism.With exacerbation.In the active phase of rheumatism due to compliance with bed rest, the energy value of the diet should be limited. Mainly due to carbohydrates, especially easily digestible. Diet with rheumatism.Food should be consumed 4-5 times a day. Last meal at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Knee pain treatment.

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Rheumatoid arthritis medications.

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Wonder tincture.

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Arthritis pain relief.

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Chronic leg pain.

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