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Sciatica. A pinched sciatic nerve treatment. Sciatica. I will share a recipe with which I cured myself from sciatica. Injections and physiotherapy helped me a lot. After horseradish, potatoes and honey the next day I felt relieved. This procedure was done only 3 times. Slowly passed the pain, as if she had never been.. A recipe […]


MYSTERY juniper MIRACLE.Natural medicine.The ancient Greeks called this shrub small cedar, Slavs — Mozzhuha, mezhelnikom. Juniper was worshiped as a healer and protector in all countries and at all times.The plant has the strongest Phytoncidal properties: 1 hectare of juniper may one day improve the air of an average city!

Recipes against old age.

Recipes against old age. herbal supplements. I know a lot of people’s recipes: and from the heart, and on the legs, and weakness. Recipes against old age. The very use them and others advise.  • It will take 400 grams of minced garlic. Squeeze the juice of 4 lemons. Stir and put in a jar. […]

Wound healing.

Wound healing. Calm the grass.Calm-grass — so called in the people all the plants that remove and relieve the pain with bruises. About these herbs, or rather about the recipes with them, I and I want to tell you.

Health Tips.

Health Tips.The recipe for old age.Old age is a weakness. So my neighbor likes to talk. He is not yet 70 years old. But he is still lying or he is sitting on a bench. “No,” he says, “I have no strength, my heart hurts, my legs ache, the pressure is high.” But how can he not hurt, the heart too. If there is no work for him. Yes, and his legs can not do anything.Of course, the force with age becomes less and less. However, this is not a reason to give up and wait for death.

Oil from the petals of rose hips.

Oil from the petals of rose hips.

Oil from the petals of rose hips. the use of oils Facial. Oil from the petals of rose hips. To prepare this oil. It is necessary to insist on the petals of wild rose  olive oil. Fill a small jar. You can take a jar of mayonnaise or another half a liter. Fill the jar […]

Flu treatment.

Flu treatment.

During epidemics. Flu treatment. The flu goes. Every year we hear terrible warnings from doctors about the insidiousness of the flu viruses. Flu treatment. Almost all suffer from it. And only a few lucky people manage to do without complications, which manifest themselves sooner or later. This elementary weakness and lethargy is possible for a […]