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Intracranial hypertension.

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Treatment hypertension.

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arrhythmia treatment

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Who is at risk.

Who is at risk.

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Numbness in fingers.

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Cholesterol Medication.

Cholesterol Medication. Cholesterol and herbs.Cholesterol Medication. From medicinal plants that can reduce cholesterol in the blood, the first place as the most active in this plan is to put Dioscreek the Caucasian.About 30 years ago, polyspanin was obtained from the roots of the Caucasian Dioscorea. These pills were designed to lower cholesterol in the blood.

How to lower cholesterol.

How to lower cholesterol.Cholesterol — a substance from the group of sterols; It is contained in all tissues of the human body, with especially significant amounts are concentrated in the nervous and fatty tissues, as well as in the liver. How to lower cholesterol.

Stroke treatment.

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Heart arythmy.

Heart arythmy. Vitamins.Continued from the article HEREDo not underestimate the importance of vitamins for cardiac arrhythmias of any type.All sorts of fruits are very useful. They are needed. They should be included in the daily diet. In particular, when peaches and apricots appear on arrhythmias. Magnificent action of black currant. Gives a clear idea that fresh berries and fruits are not always available. Therefore, a vitamin deficiency can fill some popular recipes.