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Vegetative-vascular disorders.

Vegetative-vascular disorders.

Vegetative-vascular disorders. Traditional medicine knows many recipes for getting rid of diseases, diseases, most of which are simple, easy to prepare at home. Phytotherapy of vegetative-vascular dystonia. Vegetovascular (далее…)

Coniferous force.

Coniferous force.The healing power of conifers.Coniferous doctor: Traditional medicine, the treatment of needles.Coniferous force. With many illnesses will handle needles. With kidney diseases, with cardiovascular ailments, eye diseases. It helps in multiple sclerosis, gangrene, hemorrhoids, convulsive states. Perfectly displays the body of radionuclides. Even refill necessary substances help needles.


Headache. BARRIER FOR PAIN.Chronic Headaches.How many can remember, so I have a headache from time to time. Headache.It hurts so much that I can not do anything. I get dizzy, vomiting, dark eyes, and sometimes lose consciousness.

Healer — Aloe.

Healer - Aloe.

Healer — Aloe. headache remedies. Healer — Aloe. I want to tell you one case. When a houseplant saved me from a monstrous headache. It so happened that due to a strong and unpleasant fall during (далее…)

Natural treatment for hypertension.

Natural treatment for hypertension.

Hypertension is treated with herbs. Natural treatment for hypertension. The increased pressure excruciates many people. Natural treatment for hypertension. And we are saved from him by pills. We completely (далее…)



Coffee. How does caffeine? Coffee. First of all, caffeine through the brain affects the central nervous system. It depends on the dose, which increases the contraction of the heart muscle, acceleration (далее…)

Hypertension treatment.

Hypertension treatment.

Jam for hypertension. Hypertension treatment. Hypertension first made itself felt when I was not yet fifty. First, the pressure drops did not bother me much. But over time, began to cause serious inconvenience. I (далее…)