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Natural healing remedies.

Natural healing remedies

Natural healing remedies. Fitoretsepty for colds and flu. 1. Natural healing remedies. The flu’s most popular folk remedy for the treatment of a honey-garlic mixture. It peeled garlic cloves, they grate. Then mixed with honey (preferably lime, lime but if not, take a flower) at a ratio of 1: 1. Take 1 tbsp. spoon, drinking […]

Why is it so dangerous flu.

Why is it so dangerous flu.

Why is it so dangerous flu. Influenza symptoms treatment. Why is it so dangerous flu. This is simply that many do not understand. All complications do not occur from the virus, but under the influence of secondary infections. Virus-induced pneumonia develops in several cases. It develops very seriously against the background of the flu. Often […]

Symptoms of influenza.

Symptoms of influenza. FLU: do not be careless! How to recognize the flu? Symptoms of influenza. Everyone knows that acute respiratory infections are transmitted by droplet infection. When talking, coughing, sneezing, patients secrete a huge amount of pathogenic microorganisms. An incubation (latent) period is characteristic of all these infections. Poor general health, loss of appetite, […]