Burdock knee rescued

Burdock knee rescued

knee arthritis treatment

One day I was almost out of the blue, I managed to stumble and tore ligaments in his knee.
At least, that was the timid diagnosis complimentary therapist. The only way that the doctor was able to offer, it’s ice (and it’s on the third day after the injury!), Rest and some local ointment.

The knee was swollen, swell bump on muscle flexion, turned to walk with great difficulty, through the pain. Month I have suffered so ointments used. Relief, though occurred, but very small and very briefly.
And then a friend of mine advised mug! Previous homemade recipes I tried, too, even packs of urine — did not help. But what to do, I decided to try it, although it was not faith.
She put mashed list of all knee covered by a sheet and another shook elastic bandage overnight. I imagine my surprise the next day when I palpably feel better! The knee was less. In general, one month after the nightly compress Lopukhovs I ran.

The truth is, to bend the sore knee is not yet fully able to, but it was evident that it is «not far off». I went almost every night to impose a mug and after each time felt even barely noticeable, but the improvement. How it works, I have no idea, but I could see the result — and this is most important.



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