British diet

British diet: losing weight gently but effectively!

It is known that most of the popular diets brings only temporary weight loss. But British nutritionists have developed a diet that guarantees a long and lasting effect.

Soft limited usefulness.

Rigid diets are based on the principle of limiting caloric intake. Such an approach, undoubtedly, yields a result, but this result holds only half of the period of recovery after the diet. Typically, the reduction lasts
from two to six months: the first couple of months you enjoy the newfound harmony, and then gaining weight, and often even with a makeweight. Also during diet the body is deprived of a certain fraction of the energy and reduces its efficiency, trying to keep fat reserves. The body «eats» the muscle tissue, limiting intake of sugar in the brain, deteriorating work of the digestive tract — all this causes depression hungry. The most harmful in this sense are monodiets involving the use of a single product for the entire time the diet. They inevitably lead to a deficiency of nutrients and vitamin deficiency is not particularly reducing weight.

Another version of hard diet — fasting, it can, and good for cleansing the body, but it gives a slimming effect very little.
The ideal solution is a soft diet, which enable the body to function normally.
Of course, snizhnie weight on this diet lasts longer if strict diet for 2-3 weeks, then soft for 3-6 months. But soft diet does not knock a person from
habitual rhythm of life makes it possible to lose weight easily and comfortably.
It is such a soft diet, nutritionists have developed English.

English menu

Entrance to the British diet is unloading two days to reduce the volume of the stomach: a day drink 1.5 liters of skim milk and eat 100 grams of black bread. If it is painfully hungry, take a supplement with spirulina, it can be bought at any pharmacy. Spirulina is an excellent source of protein, improves metabolism and reduces hunger.
After two days of limited intake go directly to the diet, which is an alternation of protein and carbohydrate days, two by two.

Two days protein
• Breakfast: coffee or tea with milk, 1-2 slices of whole-wheat bread, 1-2 hours a spoon of honey..
• The second breakfast: a glass of milk or 2 cups of yogurt, or a cup of coffee, a piece of black
bread and butter.
• Lunch: meat or vegetable broth, 200-300 g of boiled meat or fish, served with 4 tbsp. spoons of green peas or green beans or salad of fresh vegetables, tea, herbal decoction or mineral water.
• Dinner: 50 grams of cheese or a glass of milk or 2 cups of yogurt, or 2 boiled eggs or 200 grams of lean meat (fish).

Two days of carbohydrate
• Breakfast: fruit and fruit juice.
• Lunch: fruit and fruit juice.
• Lunch: vegetable soup on top; the second choice: cooked or fresh vegetables, vegetable stew, vegetable salad with vegetable oil; fruit salad for dessert or mousse without sugar.
• Dinner: fruit and fruit juice.

Dietary advice

To diet is to be effective, should adhere to certain rules:
• «Input» fasting days are not repeated, only alternate protein and carbohydrate days.
• Completely eliminate alcohol, not more than once a week, except for the dry wines.
• Add to the food as little salt as possible.
• Completely banned even in the days of carbohydrate nuts, raisins, dried fruit, grapes and cantaloupe.

British diet

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