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Sweet — the real enemy figures.
I understand it all, but to get rid of the painful craving for sweet can a few.
No wonder affection for sweets is often referred to as «sugar addiction». And the fight against this affection should be long and complex. Here are some ways that can help if you are not completely banish the sugar from the diet, or at least reduce its use.

1. Stop adding sugar to drinks and dishes.

First, you will not be easy to drink coffee or tea without the usual spoon of sugar, but eventually you get used to the new taste. Moreover, this method works only in the case of sudden failure, reduce the amount of sugar in coffee and tea is meaningless. A complete failure of the sugar in beverages body will begin to positively accept a new flavor.

2. to minimize simple carbohydrates (sweets, flour) in the diet.

Remember that the simple carbohydrates are converted to sugar, which later becomes fat.

3. Monitor the number of consumed fruits.

Of course, they contain large amounts of fiber and various nutrients, and sugar too much. But what should be completely avoided, it is packaged fruit juices and drinks — the amount of sugar in them catastrophically large!

Beautiful figure.

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