Antifungal treatment

Where and how mushrooms grow?


We all know that looking for edible mushrooms in the forest, near the tree stumps in the raw and rich in humus soil. Invisible same eye microscopic fungi quite undemanding to the conditions of existence and can live and multiply in the wood, on the damp walls and ceiling in the space conditioning systems and even on glass. They feel at ease on foods — fruits, vegetables, bread, canned food, manifesting itself abundant colonies colored mold.

In humans, fungi feed on the skin of the nail plate and hair, forming a superficial fungal infections, and can affect the internal organs, causing severe systemic fungal infections.

More often than not bother yeast fungi of Candida genus, which can not only live on the skin, but also penetrate into the stomach, intestines, lungs, sinuses, tonsils, kidney, vagina, prostate.
At the same time develop onychomycosis, sinusitis and sinusitis, stomatitis, inflammation of the stomach, colon, prostate, thrush.
The fungi genera Trichophyton and Microsporium prefer the scalp and cause ringworm.
Very dangerous molds, of which there are hundreds of species, and they are widely distributed in nature.
In humans, mold can cause food poisoning, allergic reactions, chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract and the gastrointestinal tract.
Fungi unusually tenacious and can trap us almost everywhere — in the bathroom, the pool, on the beach and in the gym, in the beautician’s office, public transport, hospitals, etc. It is easy to pick up the fungus and in the family -.. Through the common shoes,
clothes and other items shared.

Antifungal folk remedies.

Carefully, toxins!

Great harm to health are toxic compounds produced by mold fungi — mycotoxins. These poisons can accumulate in the liver, kidneys, cardiovascular system and striking increase the risk of cancer diseases.
Unfortunately, we are pretty frivolous attitude to the appearance of mold on the products,
trimming started to mold a piece of cheese or bread, removing rotten apple flank or removing the mold film with pickles, homemade compotes and jams. But it can not be done! Even friendly products to eye areas may already be hit far penetrating mycelium and spores.
The most dangerous toxins produce fungi Aspergillus and Penicillium genus, affecting corn, wheat and other cereals, nuts, legumes, fruits.
One of poisons — aflatoxin kills the liver, causing cirrhosis and cancer, mycotoxin patulin has a strong toxic and mutagenic effect on the body.
Aflatoxins may be contaminated with peanuts, nuts and rice from South-East Asia, patulin is often found in apples, pears, apricots, grapes and other fruits. Incidentally, patulin hardly destroyed by heat treatment at high concentrations and may be present in juices, jams, tomato paste produced from contaminated materials.

! If you find mold on the products, do not hesitate to submit them in the trash, throw pickles and compotes, vegetable caviar, even if the top has a small mold spot.

First disinfection

To finally get rid of the fungal infection, it is very important during and after treatment thoroughly disinfect all the places and objects which may be present pathogenic fungus: a bathroom, a shower, floors, as well as underwear, shoes, scissors, razors.
Shoes should be well pre-wash and dry. Then, as an option, you can use the «old-fashioned» methods of disinfection, for example, to moisten pieces of wool 70% acetic acid (this must be done wearing rubber gloves) and put them in a shoe socks. Then put the shoes in a plastic bag, tie tightly with tape and leave in a warm place for 24-36 hours. After that, remove the cotton balls and leave
ventilated shoes.
Similarly, you can use the pharmacy solution of formalin — Formidron. After the application of acetic acid and formalin to accelerate the destruction of their odor shoes wipe with a solution of ammonia.
However, there is no need to mess with these strong-smelling liquids, easier to use disinfectants pharmacy drugs almost odorless (chlorhexidine, miramistin) or special sprays (eg mikostop), which completely destroy the fungi, their spores and eliminate the possibility of re-infection.
Personal underwear, socks disinfected using a 20-35-minute boiling 3-5% solution of soap-soda solution, then iron with a hot iron. Scissors, nail files disinfected with alcohol or cologne and fired over the flame of a gas burner.
You say, what about the synthetic underwear? And nothing! It simply is not suitable to wear in such cases, because can provoke increase in the disease.

From the fungus on the feet.
• You can cook strong coffee from ground beans, for 10 minutes, pour into a bowl and soar feet for 15 minutes, then do not rinse with water, and just get wet
paper towel. Procedures for doing every day, for 10-12 days. Such baths
also help to remove the rough skin on the heels.
• It is useful to rub the skin of the feet and nails 2-3 times a day, the juice and rind of lemon, grapefruit.
• Grind the garlic and mix with fresh butter in a ratio of 1: 1, apply to the affected area once a day until recovery.
• The affected areas of the skin to wipe the juice of onion or fresh tomato juice.
• During the summer, the fungus on the feet can be eliminated with the help of the milkweed-solntseglyada. To do this a couple of handfuls of chopped fresh herb plants pour 3 liters of boiling water, insist 2 hours in the heat, strain. Foot soak in this solution for 25-30 minutes, then well treated nails, remove the destroyed layer. Do the procedure every other day, for a course will require 10-12 foot baths. Also I recommend summer soar legs in a strong decoction of horsetail herb or horsetail hibernating.

For lotions and wash affected skin areas

• Recommend to the collection: an oak bark — 40 g, horsetail herb — 30 g, the grass is blue-gray blackberry, drugstore calendula flowers, verbena drug — 20 g to 0.5 liters of water take 3 tbsp. spoon collection, bring to a boil, tantalized over low heat for 10 minutes, insist 30 minutes, strain. The resulting broth wipe the skin areas affected by a fungus, 3-4 times a day.
• A good therapeutic effect in yeast skin lesions gives lubrication problem areas pharmacy essential tea tree oil, which has potent antifungal activity.

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