Alternative methods from otitis media.

Alternative methods from otitis media.

Alternative methods from otitis media.

Traditional medicine approaches the treatment of otitis media comprehensively. Along with drops and compresses, other unconventional methods are offered.

Burning funnel

A piece of linen is impregnated with melted beeswax. Roll up the fabric with a funnel. The narrow end is placed in the ear, the wide edge is set on fire. They wait until the tissue burns out, reaching the ear, and clean. The session is done in the evenings during the week.

Live Steam

In the treatment of inflammation of any kind (purulent is the exception), it is recommended to use «live» steam. Sew a bag of cotton fabric. Fill a kilogram of grain mix (wheat, barley, oats). Pre-heat the grain in the oven. A towel is placed on the sore auricle, on top is a bag. Hold a special compress for at least two hours. To achieve the result, several procedures are enough.


Boiled moisture is poured into a glass bowl. Add half a mustard spoon of a mixture of lavender oil and eucalyptus. They bow over the container and cover their heads with a towel. Medical vapors are inhaled for about five to seven minutes. It helps if any type of disease is diagnosed, including bullous and adhesive.


In acute otitis media, it is recommended to lubricate the outer region of the ear canal with the following cream: badger fat is combined in equal proportions and the elecampane root calcined over the fire is ground to a powder state. The auricle is lubricated at least three times a day until complete recovery.


In the ear region, there are approximately 170 active points, the effect of which helps to overcome acute pain with otitis media and accelerate recovery. In addition, blood circulation in the area of ​​the inflamed area is accelerated.
Among the possible massage movements, circular with the help of the palm, pulling (working with the lobe), and working out the eardrum are especially popular. Massage movements in the jaw, nose and neck are also effective. The procedure is usually performed several times a day for a couple of weeks.
Massage is strictly prohibited if exudative otitis media is diagnosed, especially accompanied by spotting.

Alternative methods from otitis media.


With severe pain, seven immature poppy heads boil for half an hour in half a mug of village milk. Cool a little. Pour the filtered liquid into a container with a spray and flush the ear canal.

Avicenna Recipe

Grind two pieces of wild bitter almonds and four pieces of sweet. The resulting powder is combined with a pinch of soda, a similar amount of Ceylon cinnamon and a drop of rose oil. A little thick honey is introduced and mixed until smooth. It is recommended to keep the finished folk remedy in the refrigerator. Before use, a small ball is taken, on which vinegar is dripped. The ball begins to hiss. At this moment, they put it in a sore ear canal and cover it with a cotton swab. Hold no more than one hour. The method helps to permanently get rid of the disease.


Wash a tablespoon of rice. At night, steamed with three tablespoons of water. In the morning send rice to the fire and bring to a boil. Drain boiling water and pour cold water. Again sent to the fire and boiled for five minutes. After filtering, the rice is eaten. Consuming food and water for four hours is not recommended. Therapy is performed for a month.

Juice mix

In the rapid treatment of otitis media (purulent, acute, chronic), a mixture of radish juice (90 ml), carrots (270 ml) and celery (150 ml) helps. You can use this composition: parsley juice (60 ml), celery (150 ml) and carrots (250 ml). The resulting volume is drunk per day. Treatment does not stop until recovery.
Treatment with pure juice can harm the work of the stomach, causing increased gas and flatulence.

Alternative methods from otitis media.
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