How to escape from allergies?

Allergy I have caused the smell of flowers, cigarettes, wool, house dust, red berries, chlorine, paint, household chemicals and perfumes. In one of the difficult periods, I heard that even the most severe allergies can be treated with medicinal herb hyssop. I was in such a state that once believed.
With some difficulty I got hyssop seeds, grow and began to take infusion flowering grass.

Cook it is not difficult:. 2 tsp herbs, I pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for two or three hours in a thermos.
Hot infusion drink a glass 5 times a day. I was treated for a long time — almost a year, but it is an insignificant period in comparison with the long years of illness. Especially since I really have recovered this year.
For the prevention of periodically drink an infusion of hyssop short courses.

With hyssop we are also cured neurodermatitis and chronic bronchitis with relatives. So I advise everyone to buy seeds hyssop medicinal and sow them in the spring seedlings, then by mid-summer you have on hand will be a great remedy for allergies and asthma, and even hyssop is recommended for rheumatism, angina, and gastro-intestinal diseases.

I also heard about a wonderful tool, but it was not able to try the most. But maybe someone will come in handy. It is an ancient remedy for the full treatment of asthma.
Take a pound of ginger, peel, grate, pour into a bottle and pour the alcohol. Infuse the sun or simply warm 2 weeks, shaking from time to time, as long as the infusion will not yellow. After that, it is necessary to drain the contents of the bottle, squeeze through a cloth and let stand. Drink infusion 2 times a day for 1 h. Spoon, drinking water, after breakfast and lunch. Meat in the period of treatment is not to eat, legs to keep warm, and before going to bed to do a warm foot bath.



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