Cardamom for weight loss.

Cardamom for weight loss.

Cardamom for weight loss.

The spice is the fruit of a perennial herbaceous plant. It has a strong aroma with camphor tones. It is recommended to use it in small quantities.

Useful properties of cardamom

Doctors in ancient India and Europe considered the spice a true elixir, and used it to treat many diseases. Modern researchers hold a different opinion, but do not reject its rich chemical composition.

It contains many essential oils, vitamins PP, C, B vitamins. Of minerals it contains a lot of manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium.

The spice improves the gastrointestinal tract, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, increases appetite. Its seeds freshen the breath, give vivacity, relieve attacks of nausea.

It is an excellent antiseptic that is used to treat colds. It will help cope with a dry throat in a short time.

Spice actively fights pathogenic microflora, has a calming effect on the body when stressed, normalizes the heart rhythm, gets rid of depression.

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How to help the immune system.

How to help the immune system.

How to help the immune system.

In winter, which is already knocking at our door, the reserves of vitamins in the body deplete, so its resistance to various, such as colds, noticeably decreases.

To improve immunity, I recommend as often as possible to include cranberries in the diet.

Cranberry juice is obtained by squeezing the berries through gauze or passing them through a juicer. Of it are made into various drinks that are used for avitaminosis and inflammatory diseases, accompanied by high fever.

Cranberry syrups and morses help to reduce fever and quench thirst well.

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Zinc for the human body.

Zinc for the human body.

Zinc for the human body.

What is zinc good for the human body.
Today we will talk about why zinc is useful for the human body. This trace element plays an active part in many chemical reactions.

It ranks second in importance after iron. It comes with food, and fully covers the need for it, provided that there are no strict diets and serious diseases.

The balance of zinc in the body is very important. Both deficiency and excess of this element is harmful.

Scientists believe that most often people suffer from its deficiency. An excess of this trace element causes a lot of damage to health.

It causes imbalance in the immune system, and this negatively affects the function of all organs and systems.

The daily norm of zinc for the average person is 5-20 mg. The norm for an athlete is 30 to 35 mg.

It works better in the presence of vitamins and other micronutrients. Especially useful is its combination with vitamin A. It improves the flow of vitamin to all cells of the body.

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How to make masks.

How to make masks.

How to make masks.

How to make masks. Improve the complexion.

Watermelon mask.

Many people like to eat watermelons. They are useful for the recovery of the body.

In addition, when applied to the skin, they enrich it with vitamins and trace elements, moisturize, promote cell renewal.

Procedures with them should be done every other day, at least 7-11 pieces per course. Distribute the pulp on the epidermis, after 15 minutes rinse with water at room temperature.

Banana mask.

To give the skin a radiant, velvety, freshness, you can apply masks of a banana.

Peel and grind a banana, take two tbsp. of puree, add one egg yolk, one tbsp. of homemade sour cream, one tsp. of liquid honey, mix everything, apply the mixture to the skin, leave it to soak for 20 minutes, after that time wash with a decoction of chamomile.

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Longevity. Recipes of folk medicine.
Finnish doctors have worked out seven rules which, according to them, allows prolonging life by at least 10 years:

do not smoke (quitting tobacco reduces by 1/3 the risk of malignant tumors and by 1/4 the risk of death from heart attack);
stop drinking alcohol or drink it in moderate amounts;
keep your body weight in a normal range (the mortality rate among obese people is 1.5 times higher than among people of normal weight);
Stay physically active;
always eat breakfast;
Do not eat between meals;
sleep at least seven hours a night.

The most important condition for longevity Justine Glasse considers proper nutrition. Here is, in her opinion, a menu that will do nothing but good.

Breakfast: Eggs or liver (grilled), or bacon (grilled), or fish (but not fried). No more than two slices of bread, butter, honey, fresh fruit for the whole breakfast. No porridge.

Second breakfast: A glass of milk or some dairy product. No rolls, cakes, sandwiches.

Lunch: Broth, tomato juice or some fresh fruit juice. Meat, fish, cheese, egg (what you did not eat for breakfast), potatoes (2 small potatoes or one large potato), cooked raw, or one piece of bread with butter. Green vegetables or salad. Fresh fruit.

Afternoon snack: Light coffee or tea. No rolls, cakes, or bread.

Dinner: Same as for lunch.

It is important to remember that:

spinach and rhubarb turn calcium in the body into a useless mass;
plums and prunes upset the balance of minerals in the body;
raw protein contains a substance that inhibits biotin, one of the most useful varieties of vitamin B.

An entirely different viewpoint is held by Herbert Shelton. He is convinced that you should never, under any circumstances, forget the incompatibility of proteins and carbohydrates. Each of these foods goes well with fruits, vegetables and greens (the «living» foods), but the other.

Try, Shelton suggests, to remember this simple pattern:

The proteins and fats found in meat, fish, broths, eggplant, beans, legumes, mushrooms, nuts are compatible with «living» foods: greens, fruits, vegetables (except potatoes), juices, berries, watermelons, dry wine, which in turn are compatible with the carbohydrates found in bread, cereals, potatoes, sugar, honey. The consumption of foods in a different set of compatibility, is unacceptable and dangerous to health.

So it’s hardly a good idea (according to Shelton) to indulge in meat with potato side dishes or to eat fish with bread. Eat as much as you like separately, and be sure to remember that after, for example, a meat dish you can give credit to porridge no sooner than 2 hours later!

Also, do not forget that melon and dairy products are not compatible with anything.

The following daily menu is recommended, which will save you from many troubles and illnesses:

«For breakfast, it is better to eat foods with a high fiber content. Kashi, vegetables, fruit, bread with bran — they will go all over the gastrointestinal tract and give work to the large intestine — a biological powerhouse.

Here’s a sample menu. Porridge with butter or honey. Vegetable salad — cabbage, beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes — whatever you want. Tea, compote, or fruit. Can not talk about milk, dairy porridge: for example, rice, semolina.

Lunch can be a protein or carbohydrate. If protein, it should consist of meat, fish or poultry with beans, mushrooms, eggplant. But it should not contain bread.

Such a meal should not be eaten with sugary fruits, washed down with tea. Gastrointestinal juice will do fine if it is not diluted with water or tea. Have tomato juice — it’s a great addition to proteins. Eat a cucumber, tomato, sour apple.

If lunch is carbohydrate, make any vegetable soup or soup with the addition of cereals, dress it with herbs, fried onions, crushed lard, butter, garlic.

Prepare stewed vegetables, all kinds of vinaigrettes and salads, tea and compote, cakes with fruit and jam, finally, coffee, kissel, juices, infusions of herbs and berries. This will all go to the carbohydrate lunch.

When you follow the order of separate meals for a long time, the desire for protein food decreases dramatically, and the carbohydrate food increases.

For dinner, if you wish, repeat the protein or carbohydrate table. If you have a dense dinner — a piece of fried chicken or meat, stewed cabbage, a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh sorrel with radish, parsley, dill — drink such a dinner with tomato juice. And only two hours later drink tea or juice with bread.

If it will be a carbohydrate table, eat any dish of vegetables — stewed zucchini, potato or carrot cutlets with greens, baked or boiled potatoes.

Drink tea, kissel, or juice with slices of pan-fried bread.
Listen to your body — it will not deceive. Follow it and live a long life!


Tighten your skin.

Tighten your skin.

Tighten your skin.

Cocoa and honey: sharing a recipe for a mask that tightens the skin the first time!

If you’re looking for an effective way to quickly get your skin in good condition, improve its appearance and make it look better in one application, then try a cacao-based mask.

Cocoa is not hard to find in any grocery store, the main thing is to choose a regular powder without sugar, vanilla and other additional ingredients in the composition.

Cocoa has unique caring properties and is ideal for showing maximum results in a short time. Its oil has the same properties, but unlike cocoa powder, it is harder to buy and not as easy to use.

The fact is that the oil can quickly nourish the skin but clog its pores.

Regular cocoa does not clog pores and gives great results in moisturizing and nourishing.

What you will need:

1 tbsp. cocoa;
One egg yolk;
Half a teaspoon of honey.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together. First stir the egg yolk and honey, when they are well mixed, you can add the cocoa.

Mix thoroughly until homogeneous, leave for 5 minutes and apply to the skin.

It is most convenient to apply the mask with a brush. If the mask is too thin (it often happens when the yolk is too large), then simply add more cocoa, so that the consistency of the mask is thicker and easier to apply.

Such a mask is suitable for any skin type, the main thing is to avoid any individual unwanted reactions.
Make such a mask twice a week for the first month, then once every 10 days to maintain the result.

Tighten your skin.


Accelerated metabolism.

Accelerated metabolism.

Accelerated metabolism.

Accelerated metabolism: how to gain weight if your metabolism is elevated.

Skinny guys often say they eat everything they can get their hands on, but they can’t put on any weight. They blame it on their fast metabolism. The truth is that they just don’t eat enough. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be skinny.

This article will tell you what you need to do to gain weight if you have an accelerated metabolism.

Count calories if you have an elevated metabolism.

People tend to underestimate how much they eat. Read labels, use a kitchen scale, and count how many calories you consume in a day. If you want to gain weight, you should consume 40 kcal for every kilogram of your body weight.

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